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Our 6th Pre-Alpha build is now available to download. In this update we have focused on improving the visual aspects of the game, in addition to a couple of minor gameplay features.

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Pre-Alpha 6 Update

Our 6th Pre-Alpha build is now available for download! The Banking Tycoon Pre-Alpha launcher will automatically handle all updates of the game, and is available here. To play Banking Tycoon for free you will need to register here.


An overview of the latest features of Banking Tycoon are described in our latest Update Video:

Visual Updates

We have this month focused on improving the visual aspects of the game. Specific changes are listed below.

Improvements to Outside of Bank

Improved 3D Models

Cashier's Desk:


Normal Desks:

Advanced Desks:

Venture Capital Desks:

Trading Desks:

Tablet 2D Dialog Boxes

New Items

  • Glass Walls, Plants, Fountains and Doors all introduced!
  • Plants and Fountains possess a "Decor" parameter which makes customers more happy. Place these items strategically to improve customers' experiences in the bank, in-turn improving your reputation.
  • Doors can be used to break up your bank and create offices.




Risk Tab in Finance Page

  • You now have limits on market position sizes. Persistently break these limits and you will incur a hit to reputation, a substantial fine and increase the panic of your customers.
  • Now you can keep track of the panic in your bank with the new thermometer graphic.


nice the doors are amazing - single door for office and others (glass doors would be nice)
a secure door (airlock type or single secure door)
Automatic door (sliding doors) for some areas in bank
settings - lock door or unlock door or prop door open

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BankingTycoon Author

Thanks very much. Yes we will be including other doors at some point in the future, such as glass / sliding doors.

Doors must be 2 squares wide, so any single door would have to be the same size as the one we have just implemented. This is because people need 2 squares to walk in. At the moment the characters are quite slim but when we implement new cartoony-style characters we intend to make the models a bit more wider.

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yeah sounds good but ATM looks bit wierd lol

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