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Bangy is a puzzle platform game which takes you to the ancient pyramids of Egypt. Your way is through the sepulchres, filled with enormous dangers. The game contains over 100 exciting levels that will cause pretty to puzzle one's brains. You will play for troubled adventurer called Bangy which ready to do everything for the sake of treasures of greedy pharaohs. Avoid traps, outwit mummies, find new weapons, blow up everything at your path in search of the coveted gold!

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Rumour has it that there are innumerable treasures in the mysterious ancient pyramids. Our hero Bangy wants to check these rumours out. Being a handyman at blasting works, he thought he was no worse than an archaeologist. Why would anyone dig the ground for a long long time instead of speeding up the process with a great big directed explosion?
Having spent some time on preparations, having armed himself with his loyal grenade launcher, having saddled his camel, Bangy hit the road. It was quite easy to find the pyramids, but what's inside there? It's adventure time for our hero!

Key Features

  • Rooms with riddles. It won't be easy, but...
  • ...any trouble can be handled with wit... or a good old GRENADE LAUNCHER!
  • Pave your way with bombs so that nothing stops you on the way to treasures...
  • ...except for mummies! Oh yes, mummies! There are creatures that don't like to be disturbed by EXPLOSIONS - be ready to face the ill-tempered pyramid dwellers!
  • Getting out of this place is hell of a task! Gather achievements, grab all the treasures, and show everyone that you are a real adventurer!


Bangy is scheduled on PC, iOS and Android.

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