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In this article, I shall be discussing the projects the team has been working on in regards to Weapon Parameters, Firemode Parameters and the Camo system.

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Hi All!

This month has been a long month of hard work in regards to the new gameplay features we have been wanting to add for a very long time. We are aware that each player loves different ways to play ballistic weapons, such as the competitive balance of a multiplayer arena, realistic weapon behaviours and even the classic way that the weapons were originally built. The team has been working on bringing all versions of the game together in 4 different ways to play the game. This month, we will be demonstrating what you can expect from the mod in terms of playing the game to your own preferences. Since this has been going on for the last month or so, The Collection will not be releasing a V1.4 update for a good while yet we still want to get the update to your computers. Sit tight and we will get it to you as soon as it is ready. With the work we have been doing on these new parameters, you can expect a rather large 1.4 update. For now though, enjoy the content and happy fragging!

How to get involved

Social Media

There are a number of ways to get involved:


To DOWNLOAD the Mod, head over to our discord. Our Discord holds the download for the BETA, all information on "In the works" and current projects as well as teasers for future projects! You can also get involved with the conversation regarding bug reports, ideas and what goes on inside the minds of the Developers. Hope you enjoy!

Server: (LDG Gaming Ballistic Weapons V2.5 Pro: Deathmatch, GunGame & Freon:)

Server Details:

We all play on the server at around 7pm BST from Friday to Sunday. For updates on the server, join the discord to stay on top of announcements and notifications on when we are all playing. The server runs on a Test version of the Complete collection so you will be able to try a lot of the new content before it is released!

Steam Group:

The Steam Group helps you keep in touch with the steam community of Ballistic Weapons and announcements of releases of the Betas, competitions, updates and so on!

Steam Guide:

The Steam Guide gives you access to all the current content and hidden content within the mod at its current state. It also gives you tips on how to use specific weapons and any hidden details about a weapon which may not be seen at first sight.

Each one of these pages has information on how to get hold of the BETA and get in touch with the Developers to help out with bugs, new content and contribute to the team. Highly recommend the discord to gain access to the latest updates and Betas.


This video shows off the different game styles you are able to choose from. So far we have
- Arena
- Classic
- Realism
- Tactical

Arena is the current mode you have all been playing. This is the default mode of the collection. This mode balances out the weapons in an arena online gameplay style, where it may break realism and may remove content from the classic version. The Classic game style is statistics based off of the classic 2.5 version, where balance of weapons is not considered first choice and the weapons sport different firemodes that they would've been released with. Some weapons may be slightly different as they may sport secondary firemodes, such as the XK2 AMP and the MRS138 Taser. This will be due to the addition of the melee fire button added in Fix and Pro. Since their Alt fire Buttons may be free, there can be additional, non classic firemodes added to the weapons. The Realism game style brings back the famed Kaboodles realism pack into the classic weapons and introduces new opportunities for the newer weapons that didnt get the treatment. The final Tactical game style introduces a PvE aspect to BW, which it has missed out on for years. By balancing the weapons in a "Tier" system to work on evolving the weapons strength against monsters, it shows off a new kind of skill when using the arsenal of weapons provided.


Is there any way to download the mod without having Discord? I really, really don't like Discord. I had no idea this mod was updated. I used to love the ballistic weapons mods years ago, this is so awesome you guys are keeping it alive!

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OJMoody Author

We have the mod only available on our discord until we are finished, as we have plenty more to add. Discord can be ran through the browser and you do not need to download it to download the latest version of Ballistic Weapons Complete. One day, once we are done or happy with the finished product, we will release it on ModDB.

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