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AMPing old and new! In this article, we shall be showing off content which will change the way alot of weapons work while keeping the elemental function available or readily available for new and old weapons.

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Hi All!

Hope all has been well and hope you are all having a lovely Christmas period! This month has been an interesting month regarding content and work. We have been hard at work refactoring the files so that not only can we reduce the amount of junk content that is not in use, but we can keep on top of where content is and what content is in use where. This work has taken us a little longer than expected but we are making great progress with this! Changes, balances and new weapons are still to come in the following updates, just our main concentration is on this first before its full steam ahead!

This month we will be treating you to some images of New and old content that have been adjusted for gameplay changes, namely the AMP. The AMP features on a number of weapons from Ballistic Weapons 2.5, the weapon drop collection and even some new weapons for the complete collection. These AMPs have a number of purposes on weapons, including AMPlified damage, elemental damage with different effects and so on! Below is a few photos and descriptions on what is planned for these adjusted models! Hope you enjoy and happy fragging!

How to get involved

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There are a number of ways to get involved:


To DOWNLOAD the Mod, head over to our discord. Our Discord holds the download for the BETA, all information on "In the works" and current projects as well as teasers for future projects! You can also get involved with the conversation regarding bug reports, ideas and what goes on inside the minds of the Developers. Hope you enjoy!
NOTE: I have recently done a purge of my discord and have updated the invite links on the articles. If you cannot join the discord, send me a message or leave a commend down below.

Server: (SexPenguin Ballistic Weapons V2.5 Pro: Deathmatch, GunGame & Freon:)

IP: ut2004://
Server Details:

We all play on the server at around 7pm BST from Friday to Sunday. For updates on the server, join the discord to stay on top of announcements and notifications on when we are all playing. The server runs on a Test version of the Complete collection so you will be able to try a lot of the new content before it is released!

Steam Group:

The Steam Group helps you keep in touch with the steam community of Ballistic Weapons and announcements of releases of the Betas, competitions, updates and so on!

Steam Guide:

The Steam Guide gives you access to all the current content and hidden content within the mod at its current state. It also gives you tips on how to use specific weapons and any hidden details about a weapon which may not be seen at first sight.

Each one of these pages has information on how to get hold of the BETA and get in touch with the Developers to help out with bugs, new content and contribute to the team. Highly recommend the discord to gain access to the latest updates and Betas.


XK2-A Sub Machinegun


From Ballistic Weapons 2.5, The XK2 already has access to ice powered shots but with the addition of the AMP, not only can the ice shots become a more viable and dedicated option to the regular bullets, but more options on elemental bullets can become an option if ever needed. The Xk2-A is just a stage name ;)

FMP-A Sub Machinegun


From the Weapon Drop Collection, the original FMP has access to incendiary bullets as its alt fire. With the addition of the AMP, not only can the Incendiary shots become a more viable and dedicated option to the regular bullets, but more options on elemental bullets can become an option. Which is exactly what we did. The FMP also sports Acid bullets, which are designed to eat through armour but do less damage to the skin. This element would sport a green lighted AMP. Once again, the FMP-A is just a stage name ;)

SX45 Elemental Pistol

SX45 Side

One of the two new pistols in the game to sport an AMP with two elemental shots. Along with its regular bullets, the SX45 gains access to the ice shots, sporting the blue lighted AMP, which do an area of damage when hitting a surface and slow an enemy down by a small amount to make them easier to hit! The second elemental bullet, sporting a yellow lighted AMP, would be the radiation bullets. Similar to that of the Raygun, the radiation bullet would leave the enemy with a half life substance decaying on the enemy, which would spread to any other enemy if they got close to the "Infected".

GRSXX Gold Machine Pistol


The GRSXX is a name known by many, yet lost to time. It returns with a brand new Gold texture and sporting a pure Golden AMP and purple lighting. As well as these features, it also sports an extended mag, capable of holding up to 45 bullets, a Red Dot Sight to make aiming it easier and a laser two times the size of the original GRS9. The Golden AMP holds a damage AMPlification module, shown by the purple light, which will boost the damage of the GRSXX for maximum output. Why would you need to take the Damage AMP off ;)


Can I ask....
1. What does AMP mean exactly? Is it some sort of acronym?
2. Will there be some penalty for having it on? You know, I don't want to talk into your job, but I think there should be some balance. Either it should have a penalty or should be an addon that could be picked up (It could be the same for rare munition, but I am guessing that won't ever be a thing)

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OJMoody Author

1. AMP is short for Amplifier. To Amplify a weapon in more than one way.
2. Balance is defo on the top of the list when it comes to gameplay. The usual benefit the amp would give would be to add some form of elemental effect to the bullet, such as freeze or corrosive. For a freeze bullet, it would slow the enemy player down, but at the cost of a set amount of damage per bullet. For Corrosive bullets, These may do more damage to shield, but less damage to skin. Or the other way round, whichever makes more sense balance wise.

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