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Badass Is against Bill S.978, A bill that could kill the modder, the indie developer, the machinima artist, the speed runners, the commentary guys the video reviewers and fan made trailers.

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Badass studios is against Bill S.978 this bill will kill the modder and the indie developer. Bill S.978 makes it illegal to post videos of copyrighted materials over the internet, it may sound good but not really As this means video game media can't be posted. Indie developers love it when some guy on youtube or on his blog posts a good review or a funny commentary, if Bill S.978 gets passed this will be illegal unless the developer pays 100s to fill out a form to allow this. The modder's will be put though if a game you are modding for did not fill out the form then you can't post any videos or pics of your hard worked mod even if it's a TC mod. So to protest against it I am putting "Death To Bill S.978" on my sig and I ask you to as well. If you don't want Bill S.978 to be passed put "Death To Bill S.978" because we can just trashtalk the Bill but that won't get us anywhere because actions speak louder then words, So to protest against it add "Death To Bill S.978" to your sig and together hopefully the bill will get rejected.


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