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Descent into Darkness Mapping has been delayed.

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If you've read the title mapping has been delayed due to "HPL2 Level Editor" saving glitch.

Maps are saved after a several hours work so I shutdown my PC to take a break. So after ive had my break i sit down and reboot and load the map i was working on, to see it is completely erased like a new project! But not one, three maps were affected by this glitch. The maps that were lost were,


20200115235430 1


20200117151342 1

Basement Archives

No screenshots were taken.

Descent into Darkness is a solo project so mapping and coding will take longer than if a team were making a custom story. if you have any advice you would like to share please put it in the comments.


oh man that sucks so much!!! and it's so time consuming, i feel your pain :C the levels were looking amazing based on those screenshots!

The advice i can give you is to create several back up saves as you go, then save over all of them when you make progress every hour or so, that way if one save gets corrupted or something you'll have several back ups and you won't lose the progress. And don't keep the back ups all in the same place. it's weird that it erased all 3, i've never heard or something like this happen.

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