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:( Sorry but I have some bad news that may dissapont!

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Hey Luke Herbert [Streamz-Studioz] I might quit from the Spinning Heroes project, it seems I can't do much but blog and edit pictures.
Should I leave or should I stay.
You Decide!
Sorry if that makes you unhappy but its not official until what you vote in the comments.
Thank Luke :(

REASONS Why I MIght Quit:
. Might start my project Outskirts
. Might help some othe developers
. Might start work on something completly diffrent


blackdragonstory - - 1,796 comments

I dont know what to saw we need you...!!!And what about that page you created at mod says that you created you can delete it but I dont want you delete it because you know what I mean..!!!

I hope there is some other people that thinks that you shouldnt leave cuz we are and will anyone who wants whatever his skills are...everyone who has a computer know how to use it...

But I can see that you already made you mind soo I have nothing to say anymore but GOOD LUCK!!!

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0SmooK0 - - 157 comments

Well, from one point of view, yes it isnt much, all You can do is blog and edit pic, but guess what I think, I can blog and edit pic's myself and little bit of modelling and little bit using UDK, but those two last things are just taking time too much for me and I get quickly bored so blogging and editing pic's is more fun, You should stay because You are already in the team and if U leave then You are simply betraying other team members and fans/trackers, You have to stay in team, it doesnt matter if ur skills from Your point of view, are useless, You can quit if there are good reason for it, that is, if fans/other team members want You to quit, or You wont be able to use computer for another year...;)
Think about it...;)

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blackdragonstory - - 1,796 comments

Hey I have got an idea why dont you try to model in google sketch is EASY,FREE and you can export files you make to remodel in other modeling programs...after some time you will get better soo you could use some other modeling programs :D

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