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about mod... and possible future for public release mod And i know, i "destroyed the splash screen of ZH to "show the current "hibernation status" of the mod

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this mod will be paused....

i will make a mod for the basic cnc generals (vanilla)
and it is big work but still smaller than PRT2
and in it i plan to
change US texture scheme from silver to blue
and China texture scheme from green to Grey-Grey-Blue
and GLA texture from clay-ish to RED
US will be
pros: units are cheap and are faster than CHINA
cons: slower than GLA, and not very heavy armor
(will be a bit like GDI)
pros: Very heavily armored, strong firepower
cons: very slow, and units are costly
pros: very versatile and units are fast moving.
cons: due to advanced technology units are VERY costly!
(yes! gla will be like the empire of the sun!)
i am also thinking of 2player maps with small pads on the field,
capture the pads and you can deploy a building on the spot,
destroy a building and the pad will be exposed,
and the player will start with 6 pads and 1 barracks and 1 warfactory and 1 airfield
and 1 research center, you start with lvl 1 tech and you can build only basic units,
and to proceed you must research at the research center.

and what do you think of the water texture?


nice :D

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