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Mod updates and bad news.

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RTPThere are two sections that I'm going to post here. Originally it was only going to be one, but as this piece of news has popped up, both will be short and sweet. (You'll be able to catch the original post on the comments page.) Again, there hasn't been a post in quite a while, but as you'll soon read, there's a reason to why that is the situation with the mod.

I'll first write a summary on what the original post was all about. Lately, college has started back up after the end of summer, and we've been rather busy with every aspect of our teenage lives with the main culprit being college work that we've had to keep on top of as it's number one priority. But here's what we've done in any spare time we've managed to salvage.

  • The Red Alert 3: Conquer and Command have a new (under-construction) website. Click here to have a quick visit.
  • We have a new animated logo.
  • We've entered the Twitter world. Follow us here.
  • 2 new bandit units coded. Maceman and Base Defence.
  • More balance changes.
  • Mod BETA release has been changed to a TEST release as soon as it is possible. There is no deadline as we're busy with things of more priority.

Now for the second section. Anyone following our updates will really find us annoying after putting off a BETA release for a length of time. Basically, today Dan's house was burgled. Many objects were taken from the house such as the laptop, computer and external hard drive that had stored all of the mod data. The mod team are left with nothing but the small amount of models that we've conjured. A clean slate will have to be started as soon as everything's back to normal and when we have all of the equipment we need. We'll get back to you all as soon as it is necessary. Post any condolences you wish to give on the comments page.

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leebarguss Author


Mod progress had been a tad slow, don't you think? Well, excuses are what we're made of. College has been a hard start. Lots to do, so little time.
Even though our college work has been chocka block, we've tried our very best to keep completing as many updates as possible.
Want to hear them? Thought you would!

We now have a new Rolling Tank Productions website (Under construction). We ditched the old, and replaced it with a new. Check out what the team's all about, post in
our forums, and play our hosted flash games. (Link to new website)
Hope you check it out and register to be apart of our community.

A new animated logo, that will be soon viewable on the website and the RTP ModDB page.
(Logo video)

Twitter. We're now using this to update you with our most recent activities as we're doing them! Follow us here.

Now we'll finish with mod updates. New bandit units have started to be thought into and programmed. These include two new bandit units.
The first being a bandit infantryman, known as a maceman. This unit will be a fast assault infantry. Good vs. Vehicles and buildings.
Also, we have the bandit base defense. This unit fires high velocity steel rods at nearby units. Good vs. Vehicles.
More balance changes have occurred, mainly including cost and build time changes.
We've had a recent change of heart with all of the mod release, and decided to change from having a BETA release with twenty selected people to
try out the BETA. What with all of our distractions, we've again not had chance to release what we have, before the deadline that we set for
ourselves. Instead we will do a public release of a test mod. The test will include coded units and one coded and modeled unit. These will be listed

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leebarguss Author

Construction Yard (Finished)
Power-plant (Finished)
Barracks (Finished)
Ore Refinery (Finished)
Airfield (Finished)
WarFactory (Finished)
Docks (Finished)
Rifleman (Finished)
SAM Tank (Finished)
APC (Finished)
MCV (Finished)
Medium Tank (Finished)
Miner (In Progress)
Air units:
Duster (In Progress)
T copter
Lander (Finished)
Cruiser (In Progress)
Battleship (In Progress)
Sub (Finished)
Defensive buildings:
Wall (Finished)
Pillbox (Finished)
Bandit heavy (Finished)
Bandit mace men (Finished)
Bandit rod launcher (In progress)
And the MiniTank both modeled and coded.
I can't really mention a deadline, but keep looking out for it. We'll be doing a huge new article post when it's out, so you'll notice the release easily.


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i'm sorry about your house being burglarized dan, that sucks man :(

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thanks dude =I

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0.0 Man. So unlucky! For us and Dan. But expecially Dan. Hope you guys can get the equipment back soon.

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