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Start of the month report ... bad news.. not good we will see what happens .. ....

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Me And Vito have been talking over the last month or so i was experimenting stress testing with one of the only gm models and during these 4-5 days of testing universe at war crashed on me over 15 times
it is still undecided on what are we are going to do change engines perhaps maybe even quit the project completely however later this month i will be away. after i get back i am going to talk with vito and see whats going to happen and the state of the mod.

I would really love to continue to work on it but real life and lack of help have held us down for the longest time to get anywhere without me having to spend countless hours learning more about 3dsmax and animation i just dont have the time to do that. same with coding even though its xml we also would have needed someone who knows a bit of lua. The models may be almost complete but without a way to get them animated and ingame its useless.

But Still im glad vito has stuck with it i hope we can come through this and continue work maybe all we need is to put the mod on hiatus until we have the energy to continue work.



It is a long road to complete something, blaming a lack of help is no excuse. Just means things are going to move slower. My project is near 5 years old, went it alone and only recently have had some real contributions from outside of the project.

Any skills needed can be learned, projects take time and help is scarce. Believe in yourself, stop looking at what you don't have, and start looking at what you DO have.

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