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Yearly Bad Fur Day Remake update! Whats been happening and where we are going.

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Hey guys,
Been a year since the last post so I thought I'd just give a short update on whats been happening.
Not much progress has been made in the past year, as usual I haven't had the time I'd like to work on the project. I can however say that I will be improving the AI pathing in the next major update, the AI will be able to navigate the levels a lot better now (No more randomly running into the death pits). I'm aiming at getting more game functionality and revise a few older systems, I will be looking into adding more gamemodes but I want to get a solid foundation before I over commit to so many systems.

Additional note:
Sorry for such long and slow development process, I single handily have to do every aspect which can be incredibly time consuming. If you have game development skills that you can contribute to this project send me an message through ModDB and maybe we can get this done much faster.

I will be try to make more time for this project and look for solutions on giving everyone more steady updates.



I know the feel of working solo on projects... Is hell... However, I'm not so good at 3D game making/modeling/anything, but if there's anything outside of that you'd like help with feel free to ask

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It's alive, it's ali... wait, it's just a teddy...

On a more serious note, it's sweet you're still giving this a go on your spare time.

No need for apologies, we know you're solo on this, you have your life and all, and we can wait :)

Cheers, and good luck ^^

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Take your time pack! Thanks for letting us know! Good luck!

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