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Just going into some explanation of changes to the game from its original, mainly the transition from an old console game to a mouse and keyboard driven experience.

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This is just a general update that's mostly focusing on explaining of changes to the game from its original, mainly the transition from an old console game to a mouse and keyboard driven experience.

One of the foremost changes from the original game to this remake is the controls from the Nintendo 64 controller to now Mouse and Keyboard. This alone has the power to completely change the experience and balance of a game, going from not being able to aim unless completely standing still with little movement to be able to move in a 3D plane while aiming perfectly with a mouse.

So what does this mean for BFDR?

For the most part, the gameplay mechanics have to be completely changed or tweaked for the new control set while still maintaining the old experience. The video above shows off the movement of the player, though not completely visible are some small restraints to the movement in certain circumstances. One of those circumstances is that you cannot jump unless you've switched out from your gun to grenades, the old game was the same. Another difference is you're able to move and reload at the same time, this just gives the game a necessary flow and not punishing players every time they needed to reload.

In the video BFDR uses a health bar and not 6 chocolate pieces?

With the more fast pace nature and the troubles of programming a new health system a change to the health system was necessary. Specifically in the old game when a player took damage they'd be stunned on the spot for a short while allowing other players to whale on them, this was a ok system because players for the most part couldn't aim accurately. With the new controls changes made, now players have 60HP (10 HP per chocolate piece) allowing for more dynamic ranges of damage minus the stun effect, this doesn't mean weapons will take x10 longer to do the same damage but more to the point that things like explosions will have different levels of damage depending on the players range from the explosion.

You may have also noticed the chocolate piece that came out of a dead players corpse, this is currently in testing but its a means of rewarding a player for killing an enemy so they could survive longer inside of an enemy area. The old game had trouble with health in that regard as players who would engage in a fight with an enemy would be worse off later, attempting to capture a flag while entering a base with sub full health never seemed to work out well. The chocolate piece only gives 10HP (1/6th of the players health) back, allowing for people to push into enemy territory and survive longer (So long as they retrieved the chocolate in the process).

Whats the latest in BFDR?

Bots are back, hopefully to stay. Lot of work to be done on them but the hope is to allow server hosts select the amount of bots they want in the game rather than a pre-created level with them in. They also appear in the score board now, though a bit buggy still.

Deathmatch is up and running better than ever, less problems and what not. Team Deathmatch is in and working, it was also designed to support up to 4 teams so other game-modes are within sight.

Capture the Flag (Colors) hasn't really been worked on and doesn't work at this current time but mostly waiting on completion of TDM before even touching it.

Squirrels AND Tediz are in, yes believe it or not. Though with that said I might have to revise the Tedi animation rig as I had redesigned it a while back and I ended up scrapping that functionality. *rolls eyes*

Character Selection for Deathmatch is in, now you can choose the character you want for Deathmatches! So far only the Squirrel and Tedi is in but its ready for more characters as they're developed.

To date there are 4 weapons in BFDR, the Bazooka, Uzi's, Rifle and Sniper Rifle. Most of which aren't quite visually pleasing yet but that's a lower priority at the moment, characters are lacking a lot of animation for weapons so most of the time its just a simple pose holding the gun, lots of animations to be done.

Whats to come?

More weapons! There are plenty of weapons to be remade. Some of the more troublesome weapons will be the melee ones, melee is always a tricky thing to implement so they aren't high on the list.

Functioning gamemodes, wouldn't it be great to play a round and actually have it finish! While that is the case now still more fixing and functions to be added to the main current two (DM and TDM).

New gamemodes, I shouldn't be getting ahead of myself but I wish to branch into the other gamemodes of the original game that made the game so different. Just a matter of finishing what I started to move on.

Animations as briefly mentioned earlier, characters/weapons/everything is lacking animations. Most animations are placeholders and haven't been worked on enough to be called finish. Animations take a long time to create so they haven't (again) been high on my priority, though in time I'm sure they'll be polished.

More admin support, though BFDR isn't exactly booming with people playing it around the clock, I still want to give people more control of their servers. Currently hosts can control the round time, score to win and a few other options like passwording their servers.

Sounds, recently I've gain access the library of the original game sounds and now its just a matter of implementing them appropriately.

Will the single player campaign be remade?

No, read the description at the top of the page. If you want a remake of the single player, play Conker Live and Reloaded because its never going to happen.

Other news the website is currently down experience some serious technical issues, hope to have this all fixed in the coming weeks.



Great post glad to see how things are chugging along.

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Glad this is still being worked on! While the war team deathmatch was definitely my favorite, It's still nice to hear you're working on the other gamemodes. Will you be attempting to "remake" all of them? Ones like Heist and Beach won't be too hard I'm sure once you've finished with this one, but what about the ones like Raptor or Tanks? ... or Race... Not really a memorable one for me though, too much chaos. And lastly, will you be attempting to make your own gamemodes?

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Packer Author

My own gamemodes, definitely. More or less all gamemodes are a yes, Race is probably the only one I have real problems with; its an entire new system of its own in every respect. Raptor was a personal favorite, though interesting on how I'll actually do it as the old mode wasn't very balanced.

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Any news?

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