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More than a year has passed since this project was started. You will see how much the project has changed.

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Yes, we've decided to renaming. But why such a change? Well, it's time to talk about our modification in more detail...


On April 10, 2021, the modification to restore the story and mechanics of the cancelled game F-stop -

"FSreissue" died, but our team almost immediately had the idea to make one big map from all the ready maps - a museum, where Cave would tell us the story of the game F-Stop or the story of the mod "FSreissue". After a couple of months of experimentation, we realized what direction the mod would take. The mod superficially retells the plot of that very F-Stop and the history of its development, and reads all this information[ERROR OF ACCESS].
There is also a branching off of the original plot of the unreleased F-Stop in the game, but that's another story... ▶

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F-stop: Backstory is a story modification with elements of destructibility, cutscenes and portals. In the mod a certain narrator will tell us the story of the cancelled game with the codename "F-stop", but at a certain point something goes wrong.... The mod will consist of 5 maps: the first three are story, 4 - the boss battle, 5 - the credits. Very soon we will please you with new content ^-^

P. S. We are looking for a composer who can write 2-4 tracks in the style of Portal 2! We are desperately short of a composer for our team. Are you interested? Write in the comments! We will definitely contact you!


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also interesting...

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