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The BackSpace project is LIVE LIVE LIVE on Indie DB

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After months of hard work, here we are with a fully functioning multiplayer pre alpha build. After running into 25,000 brick walls and ripping the hair out of my already half balding head I think we finally figured out how we are going to go all the way with this project. My partner and I have been working on this project for about 6 months straight.

We are 2 gamers with an obscene amount of passion and a willingness to learn. When we started in game design together it was rather scary and it felt like I was looking into the abyss every time I sat down to work on the project. Unlike me Jeesoen was pretty comfortable in the beginning because he has more experience than me in his field.

That was then and these days we are pretty well dialed. My partner has been working hard UV mapping the station, modelling the space vessels, building animations, and texturing. Working on a station of this magnitude is no easy undertaking and I do not envy him. Me - I have been coding heavily and doing particle systems and implementing the masterpieces Jeesoen has created out of thin air.

BackSpace is taking on new life every day. Lately we have been fine-tuning the mp hit detection, death cameras, and artificial intelligence logic. Like learning a new instrument, it is fun to practice when you can finally play; testing is a joy for us now that we have the foundation, and it shows in our videos. This project may as well be top secret because we have done nothing to try to promote it save for a few posts; we've just been too busy. At this stage the project is beginning to rear its beautiful head. We can begin to get feedback in both criticism and compliments alike and we are ready for it.

Thanks for checking us out,

The BackSpace Dev Team


I'm glad I found your project despite the lack of promotion on your part - it's extremely promising! I have a few questions:

(1) When can we expect a playable alpha?

(2) What is the player's main objective?

(3) How large will the game universe be?

(4) What form will player upgrading/construction of ships take, and will it require mined resources?

(5) Will player needs like O2 (both in suit and in ships/stations), food, and water be simulated?

(6) Will there be any AI crew/wingmen/opponents?

(7) How many ships will the player be able to have and use?

(8) Will atmospheric entry be seamless?

(9) Will terrain be procedurally or hand-generated?

(10) Will there be trade?

I guess that's more than "a few" questions, but that's it for now! :) Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer my many questions.

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Backspacer Author

Hi Insolent,

Sorry we discovered your post a bit late. since it is the same as your e-mail wich we already replied on. We can only reply by telling you we will be spending a bit more time on our documentation. So we can hopefully soon setup a faq page (like you suggested in your e-mail). And give some more answers and insight to our game/ concept.

Thanks for watching our project!

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