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Hello again, sorry its been awhile sense i have done a proper update, so...

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Hello again, sorry its been awhile sense i have done a proper update, so whats been going on behind the background, well i have got some good news and some bad news, both involving an inssue with engine transfers, the good news is that i have switched from unity 4 to unity 5 so its much more easy to build and run the game, also its alot more faster while in building processes, its so much easier, but the bad news is that all of the animation rigging and body meshes have been completely reset, i have to remake animations and joint everything together again, its not such a big problem becuase its easy to remake again, but there is thousands of animation files that i have to remake its histerical, so its going to take a while until i release a new version of the game which is much more stable and fixed more, i have also thought of making a multiplayer feature to the game becuase it is sometimes boring replaying the campaign the entire time, so thats something in consideration, if you want to you can keep up to date on my twitter or follow this project if you like! thanks for playing my game!


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