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Background information for the mod; who the player is, what he has to do.

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I thought I'd give a little more in the way of background to earthQUAKE. The player plays the part of a father, who, after the monsters from "Quake" invade earth, kill and 'take' people and then leave again, finds himself separated from his wife and later, from his son as well. He survives in world devoid of people, but populated, sparsely, by zombies and wild dogs. Initially he was content with just existing, avoiding danger and hiding away. But, with the disappearance of his son, he is forced to take more risks, venture further from his sanctuary, and, with nothing to lose, take the fight to the monsters.

Although he will find weapons, he has to use items in the environment to fashion ways to kill the monsters. Already coded in is the use of explosive barrels, that can be picked up and placed to set traps - test video here:

There is also the ever-present threat of "The Gate"; the means by which the monsters arrived and the route they can use to return again. See a video of this being tested here:

A more detailed novelisation of the back story can be found here:


Setting explosive barrels as traps ?
I have a good feeling this will be a promising mod.

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Great to see people still making mods for Quake!

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