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For those of you who care i lost my mother Dawnette Baggett in December and now my father Edward Thomas in June. so i haven't been doing much work on the mod. but i was bored the other day and decided to start again. I Have completed 4 Models for the Imperia Empire and have more on the way.

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BC-097 IN Avalon - Rear Admiral Nero Valiant
The Avalon class battlecarrier was put into production near the end of the first war but the first vessel was never finished as at the beginning of the second great war the Imperia Rebellion discovered powerful laser weaponry and advanced shielding tech from the remains of a sith tomb in the milky way galaxy. After the loss of the Valiant at the battle of the Leviathan newly promoted Rear Admiral Nero Valiant was given any class of ship as his commandship. He chose the large outdated vessel that is the Avalon. After replacing the older Rail Cannons and Chain Guns with new Mass Cannons and Rapid Defense Lasers. the Avalon got a added shield generator that was not in the original design as the Empire hadn't used shields on service vessels only royal commandships.
Its Armament is.
16 Dual Mass Cannons for anti-ship
20 Rapid Defense Lasers for anti-fighter
and a large complement of Strike-craft

Justice-class Light Cruiser
The Justice is the main-line Imperia vessel its light armament barely makes it a light cruiser but its heavy armor and size make it a very strong front-line vessel. armed with 6 Dual Heavy Rail Cannons and 11 Chain Guns.

Hunter-class Flak Frigate
A Drexia-Imperia blend the Hunter-class is a great anti-fighter vessel armed with 4 Chain Guns and 2 Dual Flak Cannons.

Dragoness-class Destoyer
This vessel is the first class to serve the Imperia Navy. the design is of old Drexian origin, with new Imperia Missile Launchers. the Dragoness is a fearsome destroyer feared by Earth Destroyer Captains.
Armed with.
5 Rail Cannons
10 Flak Cannons
12 Chain guns

The Factions will use the starbases that follow.
Imperia Empire - Republic Starbase
Earth Alliance - Joven Station
Dark Unity - Sith Starbase
Don't ask why i just picked them out of the free released models the first two are warb_nulls and i don't know who made the sith one i got it from alphablue a long time ago.

I still need some help with modeling and skinning or anything you'd like to help with just pm me

Thank you

Emperor Niko is out....peace!

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