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Back to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. December 2021 development report.

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Back to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - December 2021 Update

Another year of development has passed. During all this time, the modification has finally formed its unique style. In 2021, we have done many new contents for BTTS, such as: new weapon animations, graphic updates, engine fixes and etc…

ss nikit 12 06 21 22 16 14 l03u

Here is some things we have done in December:

Light trails and underground effect from build 1833

Restored light trails and underground effect on DX9 from build 1833

Bloom from build 1833
ss nikit 12 31 21 15 22 32 l01

ss nikit 12 31 21 15 24 19 l01

New and improved grenade shards physic

AKMS Render



Map Spots from build 2571

ss nikit 12 18 21 11 39 32 l03u agr underground

Now, player can place mapspots on minimap. The spots can be edited too!

Updated Discord RPC system


Now it shows a picture of the game level, depending on which map the player is on.

As a little gift, here is cancelled December Trailer I have worked on:

And we opened Patreon for those who want to support us financially! There will be small exclusives and working moments:


Also, don't forget to visit Discord Server!:


Before we end this article...

Summing up, I would like to state that our team has managed to improve both the visual and gameplay components. Next year, our team plans to devote themselves to two specific things: creating the storyline and finalizing the levels. However, we will not forget about the most important thing - the atmosphere. Many thanks to everyone for their support. Happy holidays, see you in the new year!

ss nikit 12 12 21 23 35 24 l03u

- Bashy, Pirat, Berserkr, xrcore_cpu, SamArt, Uncle Bogdan, Melya, A_R_M


The fact that you are doing this in English makes me so much more excited for this than OLR. Awesome!

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where can I download it ? thanks

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I see in your trailer than you add the "ton anomaly" in Agro underground.
Are you using the static object or the dynamic one?

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Nikita_Nikson Author

Dynamic one

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