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In light of this recent crisis of COVID-19 I now have more time to start working on this mod and I now have another person on board to help me with this mod in progress.

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Pro Latio


I plan to get this mod back on track, I have halted progress for a few months, but I can now find the time to make this mod. We are now two people strong and can now double the original pace of mod development. There may be a few changes to the factions included in the mod it all depends on what are constituents want (we are reassessing the direction the mod is going in due to backlash by other mod developers with a similar content and time-frames of war) but don't worry we will still have much of the same content. Last time I put out an article I really didn't know what I was doing but now I have a team and our team is ready to start hardcore production of the mod. The mod still needs development time but don't be discouraged, it is being worked on by our team. When it is finished there will be a steam workshop page too. Thanks, and check out the mod.

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