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Introducing my first project Back on Track an endless runner available on mobile, this is sort of my full step into doing what I want to in regards to game developing, animating, and overall creating artistic content. In this article I will briefly describe the project as well as go over some of the inner-workings in regards to my thought process. So without further ado I am the artist with afro and here is the stuff you should know.

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Lets get started shall we?

Back on track, just so that I can save some time from typing, here is the copy/pasted description that I chalked up on google docs:


In this fast paced endless runner you control the young robot girl Aris as she retrieves certain items needed for Dr. Totle’s other inventions. Aris, is powered by her own optimal data algorithm giving her the ability to channel certain levels of electromagnetism, which then allow her to travel on the railways of Flueristan. Your task is to help Aris get the items she needs by zooming over the tracks, entering tunnels, and dodging obstacles.

The general mechanics are simple (also copied from Docs to save me time)

General Mechanic:

  • Tap the left and right sides of the screen to move Aris up or down.
  • Land on polarity bars, or Lights to refill your Magmeters
  • Enter tunnels to gain more points

General mechanics aside the game is being made in Gamesalad, an no longer free engine :( that is used to create mobile games with it's "chain" based coding system. What I mean by that is actions and functions each have names that can be chained in order to get certain responses; those used to working in Scratch, or Construct 2D will know what I'm talking about. This way of coding is reasonably easy as it only becomes a hassle when I'm trying to think outside of the box. Not to say that B.O.T isn't "innovative" but from the games that i've spliced it from they have little to offer outside their simplicity.

As mentioned in the summary this is the first project that I am working on all my own (at least at the moment.) I think that in order for me to get a grasp of the challenge of a game developer it is necessary for me to do so. Also if I'm being completely honest I am using this game as the driver to boost my confidence, organization skills, and over all mental morale. Truth be told whether the game succeeds or not is not really my concern I'd much rather have another finished product than a dwindling dream in my head. However, I think I'm getting a bit to personal there.

I've honestly been posting the same information almost everywhere on my Tumblr, Youtube, and Twitter it seems so maybe I should make separate videos in regards to how this entire game works.

That aside this is pretty much the game, achievements and what not will be decided to be posted as production continues but as for now this pretty much covers the general information.

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