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Little news after a long time, but with some interesting facts.

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Hey guys,

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I know you must hate me by now. I mean making promises I can't keep and talking about release and such... I am really sorry about all this!

But from now on it's gonna change, dave-initely! Since a few weeks I started working and by working I don't just mean 3 or 4 hours a week. No I mean like 2 days a week!

So what exactly does that mean? The hell, it means everything!!! Because from now on I screw some university tasks to finally finish this huge project, not matter what!

Currently I'm close to finish the arena mode (right now about 98%) which means Level Design will be done very soon. Also the story is completed, just some dialogues need to be finished and for sure we have to record them. Except that the hot programming phase is wip and I'll start on the cutscenes within the next month. For more infos wait a little, there's gonna be a huge news if the rpg system and arena is done!


PS: Did I mention that Arena will have a secret Bossfight? xD

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