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We've been hiding, but now we're back. Take a look at the current status of Undead Legions - Resurrection.

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Development Status

Indeed, we have been busy the last few years. Undead Legions - Resurrection (ULR) is almost feature complete. The current version offers a campaign mode with 18 playable levels, including additional challenges with modified game modes.


Character development is complete and well balanced for the Rogue and the Gunner up to Charracter Level 10, which means that you can already learn half of the skills that will be available for those heroes. The Mage and the Priestess are yet to be properly designed and balanced.

Support Spheres

The support sphere concept is final, meaning that they finally truly work design wise, adding great value to the game. Support Spheres are the one game element that make ULR stand out, so it was crucial to have that element well elaborated. The available spheres work nicely with the current content.


Items are the only thing that isn't yet integrated. They are meant to first appear after defeating the Iceworld Boss, being the last game element to be introduced. Also, they are exactly what we are currently working on.


We are back on IndieDB and we are working on great stuff, so stay tuned! You might also want to check our homepage, and maybe from there some of our social channels. Expect frequent posts.

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