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I'm starting work on this again. It'll be out this year.

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Boom. And like that, I am done with school forever.

Now, this means I finally have time to get back to working on the mod. It has been partially dormant for the last six months, though I have been doing bits and bobs occasionally when I found time. Thanks to my newly gained masses of time (provided I don't find a job between now and going to Uni in September) I'll be able to spend way more of it on working on this project that honestly has been going on far too long.

So, to bring you up to speed as to what I'm working on right now:
- Introduction to the mod is being changed to reflect the recent plotline tweaks
- The voice acting is being re-recorded and rewritten
- Skeleton map structure of game is being tweaked and various sections remade to adhere to recent changes in development
- Size of mod will be reduced, unused materials removed (because including all raw development files the thing is at 5GB right now holy crap)
- Refocus on puzzles rather than a sightseeing tour
- Polish the completed sections to create a more complete experience
- Add emotion (more polygons)

Quite a bit of work, yes, but not impossible if I crack at it. I am still looking for a moderately experienced Source Engine mapper to give me a hand though! If you know anyone looking for something to do over the summer, please get them to contact me.

All the best in the coming months,

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Well! This brightened my day:)
Best of luck with the mood and congratulations on finishing school.

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sounds good

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