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The mod after a good few months rest is now back under way full steam ahead.

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Right boys and girls, i do apologise for the lack of progress on the mod, its been quite a few months since anything been updated and i realise most people think the mod is dead... thankfully its not. I've just been busy with real life and helping out a little bit on another mod.
So progress time,Previously i was experimenting with the sins of a solar empire engine, which is great but it already has a crakcing EvE mod called sins of new eden so go check it out if you own sins, but i feel EAW:FOC has a better style of play so im sticking with FOC.
so far I have got all of the amarr ships coded and into the game so far, all appear to be working with out any issues, all thats really left to do is balance the amarr faction and to add in thier starbase.
In terms of balancing my aim is have the ships set out as follows

Frigates = drone/fighter killers
Cruisers = frigate killers
Battlecruisers = Cruisers/Frigate killers
(capitalship classes)
Battleships = BattleCruiser/Cruiser Killers
Carriers = deploying drone/fighters = Capital ship killers
Dreadnaughts = capital ship killers

I'm hoping i can get this balancing right so you have a need for all the ship types rather than just relying on battleships, but we shall see how it goes and also its all dependant on how everyone would like it to play out.

Now the next stage once ive got the amarr faction finished is to add in the Gallente faction which all the models are ready they just need coding in etc..
Now as EAW:FOC has only got three factions im afriad it does mean that i've decided to chop the minmatar as a "playable" faction.
However before i start getting flamed this does not mean im chopping thme out of the game and you WILL get to use the minmatar ships... its just you wont get to select them as a starting faction. What i want to do in skirmish maps is have a special structure where you can select a second faction to "build" and then build their ships which is where you'll get to select minmatar as a "buildable" faction im hoping.

In terms of the GC once i get around to it i aim to have which ever starting faction you pick to as you go conquering planets it will unlock the races ships of the planet you conquered so you will have access to hopefully every shp in eve... its just conquering the right planet to unlock it.

The overal plan is i'm hoping to go something like this,

Finish Amarr faction
Code in and balance Gallente Faction
Ensure both factions work, do a beta skirmish release.
Rig and code in caldari faction and balance.
Look at weapon projectiles
Model/rig and code in a "build platform" for skirmish
Create a couple of new maps with new build platform
Rig and code Minmatar ships
test new skirmish play, and release beta.
Rig and code in reamaining eve ships such as pirates etc.. etc..
Work on GC map and all new planets etc..
test fully
TRy and overhaul UI to give it an eve "feel" and fix any bugs
Release final.

So you can see i have a plan its a very long winded plan, but hey i'd love to see it through.If you do think you can help then please feel free to drop me a line i'd love any help avaliable.

TodTheWraith - - 215 comments

Looks amazing! keep up the amazing work!

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EclipseStardestroyer - - 1,716 comments

It's good to know this mod isn't dead. I almost forgot about it.

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~DarthRevan~ - - 120 comments

Yeah, I supported whatever decision you were going to make (concerning which game you would use for the mod), but I am overjoyed to see you chose FOC. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see the stuff you come up with.

-Just a side note. PLEASE let me use the Hel somewhere in GC. Whatever you do, I commend you though. You are doing far more than I even could.

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Gilly6666 Author
Gilly6666 - - 241 comments

@ DarthRevan :- yes mate you'll get to use the hel in GC once i get ound to it, i'm planning on making it so you can use minmatar in skirmish aswell as you'll build a structure that'll allow you to call on them, like what other mods have done before.

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