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New computer = new maps = one step closer to Location Zero

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Hey guys, just thought it would be wise to inform you that we here at Momentum Productions are still working on Location Zero, and that no, the mod is not dead. Huzzah!

This update will be quick, but I wanted to let you guys know what's up. You've waited long enough. You deserve some answers.... So here we go

  • Location Zero is still very much in development. We've got models being created, coding being made... we've got it all going. And now that I have a new computer that's capable of gaming, we'll be having more maps coming to you very shortly.
  • Images will continue to surface once we get our maps constructed, and since I didn't save my files on my last hard drive, that really awful map you guys can see in the images section is now COMPLETELY obsolete :D
  • Music is still coming on its way, and you will be able to view some new things that will be happening in Location Zero as well, including some significant changes to its direction. No worries though, the general backing is still the same.

That's it for this update. Yes, I know that it's been short, and it's been too long, but fret not, my loyal friends and colleagues... we'll be seeing a lot more of each other in the coming months.

Have some fun... and remember:
Enjoy the ride....

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