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It has been a while, and I have been very very busy with a lot of stuff other then H:FC but I bring lots of new goodies.

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Hello everyone,

It's been far too long. A lot has happened since the last update, and not just mod-content wise. But we'll get to that later. First, let me give what most of you probably really came for.

First up is the UNSC Serric class Frigate. It is the UNSC's strongest Frigate and was made to bridge the gap between the Frigates and the Destroyers. Which is does quite nicely. Its very well armored but still doesn't lose too much speed due to its powerful engines. It does, however, only have one MAC.

Serric class Frigate

Next up is the Covenant transport. A small freighter that carries supplies from world to world. Though not often seen near battlefiels, there are hundreds of these ships working throughout the Covenant Empire. It has no known weapons and is therefore usually escorted, but does sport some powerful engines to make a run if needed.

Covenant transport

Our third entry of the day is the Covenant CAR class Carrier. I've shown her before, but I've reworked her using a new technique I recently learned. You'll probably not see too much differences with the old model, but I wanted to show her nonetheless.

CAR class Carrier reworked

And finally a model by a newcomer. Prades1994 and his friend CHristheaussi contacted me not too long ago if I needed and wanted some help, which I of course gladly accepted. Though I haven't heard anything back from Chris, Prades has already finished a Covenant ship model. Could you all please provide some feedback to the model? I'm not sure about it. Plus if I end up including it, could you think of a role/class for this ship?

Covenant ship design

Now speaking of giving feedback, I want to invite all of you to feel free to comment more. I always read the comments people leave and when its valuable feedback I do listen to it and will change things for it. Again, if its sensible, I will listen and see if I will do something with it.

Another reason this update has taken so long is because I have been busy with work that's not directly visible. Meaning scripting and such. I've been trying to put together a short trailer. Right now I've set up most of it, I just need some footage of ingame fighting. So hopefully next update will also contain a trailer.

Now on to the biggest news yet; the creators of Nexus: The Jupiter Incident have announced that they will be creating a sequel. Or at least a new Nexus game. In light of this I'd like to ask all of you for you opinions on what I should do with this mod. The way I see it there are two main options to choose from; either
A: I continue this mod for Nexus and focus on finishing it
B: I decide to switch this mod to Nexus 2 and for the time focus on finishing all models and start updating all older and uglier models.
Keep in mind that if/when they do release Nexus 2, it'll probably be another year or two.

Now that school has started again, weirdly enough I'll probably have a lot more time. Meaning also a lot more time for modeling and texturing. And since I've had a lot of help in the concept art department from DarkSideDude, I hope I will have another update ready for you in record time, but since I do want to keep a check on quality, no promises.

Until next time,


V3LO - - 1,887 comments

I'd honestly say work on models and textures more with the intent of porting to Nexus 2. If there was an announcement of a homeworld 3 in the foreseeable future and i was still in your position of mostly working solo and most of the work being done in transferable assets (models etc) then i'd just wait it out and spend the time working on those assets so you can dive into it and just focus on back-end stuff.

Especially as you out-source to the other Halo mods, i think that's probably the best idea. You'll still be doing what you enjoy now, with the freedom to impliment it in a vastly superior engine that'll probably have a larger community and more active modders due to new blood than TJI does.

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Prades1994 - - 6 comments

Oh I have some feedback for my model, the engine needs changing and maybe an Sphara type back can be implementable? :P and also I agree with above, stay in what you doing.

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TheVidmaster - - 624 comments

do not wait for nexus 2 which might be a fake or never get released.

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Melik - - 327 comments

It isn't a Fake
But i think they won't Het the Money in Time
Unless all of us donating
I spend alleready 250 Buck

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