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After a year of silently working in a dark underground bunker, we've got a lot of updates to share.

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Early access for Firestone Saga will be available July 24th. To celebrate we'll be posting articles each week explaining new mechanics and fun stuff we've added.

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New Mechanic - Swapping Heroes

Cheat death by tagging in another ally to fight for you. This opportunity is hidden within the depths of the cavern. Also the easier difficulty gives you the chance to swap on your first death.

Swap between heroes

More Enchanted Weapons

Have you ever tried punching a flesh eating zombie? Unless you have a spare arm, I'd suggest equipping an enchanted weapon. Each has an unique ability like conjuring an AOE firestorm when attacking an enemy over lava.


New Quests and Perks

In case running away from angry skeletons while the floor turns into lava isn't enough of a challenge, side quests are now available. As a reward you'll be able to learn new perks like causing enemies to explode after a stealth kill.

Select a Perk

Redesigned level layout

Backtracking in games can sometimes feel like a chore. That's why we've chopped up the dungeon into bite sized pieces. Each zone is guarded by a powerful beast and extra goals to complete.


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