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A new beta version of Baby Mummy's Curse is online.

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Been a while since the last Baby Mummy update.
This update includes the (almost finished) 21st chamber and a new “Golden Ankh” pick up, which lets you award bonus health points. You will find this item for the first time in chamber 6. Protected by its power, you do not have to restart the chamber after being hit by an enemy.
Amongst this obvious things, there are a lot of other changes which hopefully improve the game play (e.g. level design and performance improvements).

Hope you like the update!

You can Play the latest beta version on Game Jolt:

Or on my server:

ChangeLog 2013-2014:

  • added the golden Ankh bonus health pick up’s to several chambers (starting from the 6th chamber)
  • added a bonus health HUD to the player
  • added 3/4 of the 21st chamber (The very last part of the chamber is still under construction and not playable … the rest is ready for beta testing)
  • added following enemies to chamber 21: the Anubis watch dog, Tesla cubes, fire arrows, crocodile, water snakes, aquatic plants
  • added water falls and a pool to chamber 21
  • added the ability to swim/dive in water (press x or space)
  • added the golden keys/gates to chamber 21
  • completed the tunnel part (the transition from chamber 20 to 21)
  • added the 3rd chapter intro
  • general performance optimization
  • general collision adjustment for spikes
  • help typo is now constantly blinking above the 1st Scroll
  • slowed down the movement of the vertical platform in chamber 4
  • the jump is now easier to master in chamber 5
  • adjusted position of the mini spikes in chamber 8
  • minor arrangement changes for breaking platforms in chamber 13
  • changed physics for the falcon
  • changed bats’ colliding shapes
  • endless lives when playing in unlocked mode
  • added info texts to the chamber selection screens
  • a lock in the upper right corner marks the unlocked mode
  • definitely more … but I forgot, sorry! ;)

And by the way:
All the best for the New Year!

The Golden Ankh

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