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Baby Mummy has got new chambers. Furthermore I did some general graphic- and gameplay improvements.

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ChangeLog 0.5.0 / 0.5.2 / Today's Beta Version

  • Added new Chambers 16, 17 & 18
  • Added conveyer belts
  • Added new moving platform elements
  • Added oneway passages and golden switches
  • Added exit sign animation for exit door
  • Added sound effects for the eyeball, arrows, oneway switch, pillar
  • Polished and added tiles
  • Added hieroglyphics and other embellishments
  • Changed collision for the exit door
  • Improved players' collision
  • Added new camera switch function for double rooms
  • Optimized players' falling animation
  • Adjusted Eyeball's firing rate and bullet speed at Chamber 15 (easier now)
  • Fixed the wrong purple switch animation at Chamber 15
  • Added footstep sounds (audible when music is muted)
  • Deleted an invisible ladder region which allowed the player to climb walls
  • Added pick up animation for the key, heart and gems
  • Tamed the bats a bit … decreased the attack region size and attack speed.
  • Added acid basin and acid drops
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