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basically...suggest some ships for B5 and if i like the look of them theyre in

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Im still on holiday, and its relaxing as hell. So i figued while i was away i would ask u guys to do something. Make a list of some B5 ships (from the B5 mod) that u want in this mod, ull need
Light Fighter -
Carrier Light Fighter -
Heavy Fighter -
Supergate Heavy Fighter -
Light Bomber -
Heavy Bomber -
Tier 1 -
Tier 2 -
Tier 3 -
Tier 4 -
Tier 4 - Supergate -
Tier 5 -
Tier 6 -
Tier 7 -
Tier 8 -
Tier 8 - Supergate
Tier 9 -
Tier 10 - carrier
Tier 11 -
Tier 12 - one off capital
Hero 0 - GC Leader
Hero 1 - Falcon Type
Hero 2 - Fighter Squad
Hero 3 - Corvette
Hero 4 -
Hero 5 -
Hero 6 -
Hero 7 - Flagship
you can find relative list for all those units in the other news sections. I think atm its planned to be

Heavy Fighter - Supergate - Raider Intercetpor
Tier 1 - Hyperion
Tier 2 - Minca
Tier 3 - Drakh Cruiser
Tier 4 - Lumati
Tier 4 - Supergate - White Star
Tier 5 - Brakiri Avioki
Tier 6 - G'Quan Cruiser
Tier 7 - Minbari Cruiser
Tier 8 - Excalibur
Tier 8 - Supergate - Vorchan Attack Cruiser Mk3
Tier 9 - Centauri Primus
Tier 10 - T'Loth Carrier
Tier 11 - Shadow Battlecrab
Tier 12 - Thirdspace Warship

but thats all. So re-arrange that list and see what u come up with for fighters and heroes.
have fun


Um......... The Narn Heavy Cruiser.
EA Warlock (or warlord) class.

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shouldn't Excalibour( Victory- Class) be meaner/better than all centauri and narn crusers?? (Primus (M) and T'Loth)

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Spinobreaker Author

well i know nothing of B5, so ill need a little more than Excalibour is a ship... so maybe a list with the tiers would be cool

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tier 1 - Light Fighter - Starfury ( light, fast and extreamly agile, due to turnable thrusters they can turn in a flash... 2 small particle weapons) squad of 7?
Carrier Light Fighter - Narn light figher
Tier 4 - Heavy Fighter - Minbari fighter ( very fast, 3 small beam weapons, ) squad of 3?
Tier 7 - Heavy Fighter - White star: ISA ship, mainly used by the Rangers, moves like a fighter, Fastest ship ever made by the younger races... (exept for techno mages ships) 1 powerfull beam weapon in front, 2 smaler projectile weapons) This is no real fighter, but it moves like one, so i put it here....
Light Bomber -
Heavy Bomber -
Tier 1 - Hyperion
Tier 2 - Fire bird ( Drazi )
Tier 3 - Nova class
Tier 4 - Centouri Vorchan Attack Cruiser
Tier 4 - Supergate - Brakiri Avioki
Tier 5 - Omega class
Tier 5 - Carrier - Narn G'Kal Battle Carrier
Tier 6 - Minbari Sharlin Cruser
Tier 7 - Vorlon lightning frigate - (1 heavy beam weapon, some smaller particle weapons)
Tier 8 - EA warlock
Tier 8 - Supergate Omega X - ( EA ship, shadow hull, several heavy Beam weapons)
Tier 9 -
Tier 10 - Vorlon capital ship
Tier 11 - Shadow Battle crab
Tier 12 - one off capital - Third space?
Hero 0 - GC Leader - Sheridan and Delen on a Valen Class
Hero 1 - Falcon Type - Lenier on a white star
Hero 2 - Fighter Squad - delta squad (elite squad of starfuries)
Hero 3 - Corvette Some EA captain on a hyperion
Hero 4 - G'Kar on a G'Quan battle ship 2 red Beam weapons
Hero 5 - The Agamemnon
Hero 6 - Ivanova - On a Warlock
Hero 7 - Flagship Excalibour the Excalibour one of the 2 super high tech Twin ships built by the ISA on the 5 year aneversery of the ISA, basicly it's a super fast, semi large ships with about 6 beam weapons in front, several small anti fighter moving turrens on the hull, and a special abilit Super shot, Destroys any capital in 1 shot, however imobilizes the ship for 53sec, (1min)

what about it? if you have any questions send a message to me on Moddb.

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i would put the warlock under the Vorlon ship since it was also A Super high tech ship built by the ISA.

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Yeah, well... The EA warlock was built by EA with the Minbari artificial gravity that they got in exhange for joining ISA... but I didn't think it was that far more advanced than the shadow hulled Omega X class... but then again it realy doesnt matter, just one step:P

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I thought I make changes to heroes 1 and 2: hero 1 Marcus on a White star. Hero 2 Lenier in a squad of Minbari fighters?

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