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The new 1.03 update have been released. Details inside.

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The 1.03 update removes all newly added abilities and almost all major unit and ability redesigns from the mod, shifting development process to resemble more like a vCoH official patch.
Feel free to Rate the mod, the only thing I ask is to write an few notes about why you rated for that score, feedback is always welcome :).

Note: If you have a negative opinion about the lack of new units and abilities, realism and stuff like that, keep in mind that the main goal of the vanilla B-Mod's to improve the existing content in regular CoH. There are plans for "new stuff" in a separate mod project which will include all B-Mod improvements, but more on that later.

New additions in a B-Mod 1.03:

  • Game Timer added.
  • Vehicles will no longer switch target if a move order has been given to them and the previous target is still in range.
  • Removal of changes deemed to severe, like new abilities and certain redesinges.
  • Additional bug fixes

Previous additions in B-Mod:

  • Vastly improved PE Vehicle pathing. (+ All faction's Tank reversing)
  • Improved Infantry cover search.
  • An active ability which temporarily enables Snipers can take multiple Sniper hits during retreat, and only on retreat!
  • Strafe friendly fire while maintaing current anti-blob effectiveness.
  • More than 100+ bug fixes.
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