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Feather Avalanche is a minigame for smartphones, with a really simple gameplay, cute characters and colorful screens with a simple story.

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Things go crazy when the evil and cute fox appears to eat the chickens and ducks, this little creatures will come to you like an avalanche and your job is to put them in its places to save them.

Here you need to prove your agility tapping the left or the right side of the screen to save this animals as they appear in the game and make the high score as possible.


Awesome art

Cute characters with a beautiful background, this can help you with yourstress if you lost, I think…!!! Maybe not.

A really competitive game

All of us love do better score or to be the best in something and you need to be the best here.

Easy to play.

Yes, actually you just need to tap in the sides of your screen.

Play everywhere.

In the elevator while going up to your apartment on the 30th floor, it is perfect.


This game is about a fox who surprises appearing in a farm where all the babies of mother chicken and mother duck play outside the houses and star running to their mothers when they see the fox.


Feather Avalanche es un juego Casual 2D, con una jugabilidad muy simple y muy intuitivo. El juego se lanzó inicialmente en Android pero planeamos lanzarlo próximamente en iOS.


The Babies

This are the only characters who you need to care when you play.

The Mothers

Put the babies in the correct places. They don’t wanna lose one and they always see you when you play so be careful.

The Fox

He is just waiting for you errors, don’t let it win.


Download – Google Play

Release Date – Oct 31, 2015

Platforms – Android

Price – Free!

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