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We've got a lot of stuff to show off with this months August Update!

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Hello, friends!

The feedback from the July update has been very motivating. We have been hard at work on the project and are ready to show off what we have made in the month of August.

This First Slice Teaser Trailer that includes music from the legendary Duke3D composer Lee Jackson, who gave us some music tracks to use that we put into our Teaser! These tracks were concepts by Mr. Jackson, originally meant for Duke Nukem Forever's E3 2001 trailer, before David Arkenstone was brought on to do the music for said trailer. More to come in an alternative teaser later this month!

You can follow and support Lee Jackson at the links below where you will find awesome music including tracks from the leaked DNF2001 build:
* YouTube -
* Bandcamp -
* Streaming links -
* Home page -

The bulk of work that has been done this month has been level fixes to make levels match closer to development trailers/screenshots.







We have also been fixing the enemy AI. Shown above there is footage of the fixed Sniper enemies which will show up placed in various levels within Chapter 2.

A big focus this month has been opening the driving levels so the player can explore the levels more thoroughly. We feel this will give players more opportunity to find secrets in levels as well as easter eggs. We have also found evidence in the levels they were intended to be much larger and more sprawling, so we are progressing further in that direction. Many of the levels have blank geometry that hints something was there, so we are filling it in with detail and allowing Duke to go there.







We have also added in a self-shadowing system and restored the built-in functionality for hit feedback.

2022 07 25 3 1

2022 07 25 4

We have also fixed the objectives screen. It now shows the player’s objectives properly.


We have also fixed the difficulty system. In the leak DNF01 does not let you select from difficulties in the UI. But the engine fully supported the system. We have restored this functionality for the project.


unknown 1

We also have some great new concept art to show off with Captain Cole from AnAdorableSergal

2022 08 31 Captain Cole Concept

And Dr Proton from Canguelu

Proton Concept

And even some updated Duke Model shots shown off in the banner and below!


Honestly there is so much more we can’t really fit it all in this month's Update. Look forward to more videos and content to be released on our Youtube channel that dropped this month!

You can find out more and follow the project through the links below!



On behalf of the DNF2001 Restoration Project, we hope you have a great day. If you are interested in joining the team, please either PM me here on ModDB or join our official server.

We will have more news to share very soon.

Guest - - 687,512 comments

How cow, this looks amazing! Keep up the great work!

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MaxDickings - - 192 comments


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Muleke_Trairao - - 248 comments

Looking good!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes
Echelon5 - - 25 comments

Hope you guys add ejecting brass from the weapons.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+7 votes
meowsandstuff - - 13 comments

Already done, actually

Reply Good karma Bad karma+10 votes
Ltbalcor - - 9 comments

as far as I'm concerned this is the true Duke Nukem Forever keep it up! if you can, throw in cigars to smoke as Duke likes those some tongue in cheek jabs at gordon freeman or caleb(protagonist of blood) wouldn't be a bad fit here.

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ataandrada - - 10 comments

This is so awesome! Now I can't wait for the next update lol

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PowerMind - - 675 comments

So amazing

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aliceinchainz - - 3 comments

I feel sad when I see this, but its resurection is alleviates it.
Fantastic work!

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Mortality_Sorrow - - 2 comments


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Yanka - - 256 comments

Great work remaking & adding details in the levels!
Can't wait to try all that! 🤩

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Thatstinkyguy - - 18 comments

Like everyone else has said: amazing work!

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MrFroz - - 11 comments

I love how the third video at one point reads "Drive. Fight. Explore."

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neophus - - 570 comments

Very good work here ! awesome !

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CAPPUUU - - 1 comments

Wow, this is awesome, keep it up guys, you're doing an incredible job!
Always Bet on Duke!

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