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More features implemented, menus, awards, stats, sabotageable items, level structuring.

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It's been a few months since I've made an update (I forgot to set reminders on my calendar). Anyways, I have been working on it, not as vigorously as I'd like to, but still at a modest pace. Summer has been a busy time for outdoors, and getting things done. I have a wonderful time-consuming life change in my personal life that will make it much more difficult to get time to work on this mod, but I will have to do it in very small bites.

This update is to let you all know that this "hiatus" will be temporary, and I wouldn't expect much progress over the next few months.

But, the work that I have done has filled out more of the menu screens, revamping the View Scores screen to display Awards statistics, and including those stats on the Episode Select, and Level Select screens. I've added more in-game features including: Sabotageable items like electrical panels, demolition charges being cut, and vehicle wires being cut. There is a message at the beginning of those levels to identify that objective.

Description tells how many sabotage items are in the level, and a red meter to show how long to hold the

Sabotageable trucks

Load and Save menu with thumbnail and info

I'd like to keep it singular and simple, so you don't have a laundry-list of items to do in a level. That's not very Wolf3D-oriented, but this keeps a tiny piece of my original Objectives feature I wanted to have in this game from years ago.

I hope to do some clean-up, and bug fixes in the next little stretch that I have, and begin to structure out the levels, adding assets when needed, and working on features that I've held off for those specific levels.

I feel that I have most of the core done, and I am just filling in missing things here and there.

I hope that those who are following the mod continue to have patience and that the screens on my Twitter updates, and YouTube updates assure you that the mod is making steady progress.

Thank you for your support and excitement as I continue to work on this game.

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