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Small update this month. But it feature some concept art and a short video wip of the fixed 1st person/3rd person player.

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Hi, it has been a pretty quiet period since the last new update. Our newest main concept artist Railgun131, has been working on weapon design, and he has done a tremendous job !
As I was writing this new update a new modeler joined our ranks. His name is Mattaphylactic and he looks like he's very talented:)

I don't make a habit of showing concept art, because of the speculation it might generate, but I think with weapons we're somewhat safe. And I felt that people that have been watching the mod for a while deserved a little peek into our internal stuff. Keep in mind that it probably won't look exactly like that in-game though.

Also, on the coding side, we've been tweaking the ASW branch of the engine, and it seems pretty good for us. The rendering engine is much more efficient, there are additional effects effects like depth of field, and it got the "latest" tools and source code of the source engine. The lack of shader source code, however, is very annoying. We've tried to reach the devs about this issue, but they're fairly hard to reach.

I also have a very short clip of standard hl2 weapons imported into ASW :

This isn't what the mod will look like though, its just to show those worried it would turn into a top down shooter, that it won't :) And once the animstates are fixed, and the code is cleaned we may even share the source code for the asw fps player and the weapons for other asw programmer to use :).

Also while working on the on-rail mode, for the fighter vehicle, I found the turning very stiff and unatural, and while asking for advice around someone came up with this :
Its an article about realistic turning radius, with pathfinding, but it can be applied in our case too. However, I'm struggling a little in turning this into 3d space, since the destination may be high on the Z axis, and the origin much lower. If any fellow programmer or mathematicians have dealt with this before feel free to share :)

Scarwing - - 418 comments

so Arwings and what not will be implemented?
if you do, make one like the ARwing's in Starfox 2... they can go Gerwalk

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psy_commando Author
psy_commando - - 73 comments

Yeah, fighters are being implemented, and we're aiming for controls similar to those on the n64 and snes.
However we're not doing the transformer thing from sf2. It was kinda strange, and besides we got on-foot combat, and some tank action to replace that. :)

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FreeFall89 - - 59 comments

this bloom man, just get rid of it lol

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Spiffy664 - - 49 comments

The bloom is really bad... doesn't make sense in terms of lighting and just hurts to look at.

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psy_commando Author
psy_commando - - 73 comments

That's because there's no bloom controller. The point of that vid isn't to showcase the asw source's default bloom...

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