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Patch Notes: More comprehensive list

New Units added

Orks: Battlewagon, Gunwagon, Battlefortress, Burna boyz, Skar boyz, Lootas, Grot Stompa and Kommandoz

Sisters of Battle: Retributors and Dominions

Space Marine: Stormraven

Space Marine:

Stormraven can attack air targets and uses a modified default sound file :)

Devastators now have morale broken/recovered voices.

Vanguard and Sternguard squads now deploy with 1 less member. Now affected by bionics upgrades.


Hell Drake Melee removed. Hades Autocannon fire rate increased so it should now be more viable.

Stalk Tank price decreased to 150 requisition and 200 power.


The Daemon Hellspawn now costs 0 population.

Imperial Guard:

Guard Medkit research now appears in Imperial guard armory.

Hellhound's hull machinegun should now match the flame cannon's range.

Imperial Gaurd support Command Squad now also gains benefits from the size upgrade research.

Sisters of Battle:

Sister of Battle Death Cult Assassin moved from barracks to HQ.

Sister's Health research 2 changed to include Dominions.

Repentia have no morale anymore.


Broadside XV-88 squad cap cost is now 1.

Tau Vespids now cost 0 pop.

Coalition centre now acts as an orbital relay.


Player Defeated and Player Dropped use different sounds.

Now that you have read the above patch notes I would like to ask which I should prioritise now for the next Christmas update. Should I add more units/stuff to another race or work on finally getting in Renegade/Traitor Guard? The race that gets requested will get priority in what gets done!

In the meantime I will be working to integrate a new AI and fix the Big Mek shop space bug... so stay tuned for that mini-fix

- DeltaValkyrie

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