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Operation Europe Related news For Company of Heroes: Operation Europe(OEM) news for August 2013.

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29/8/2012 was the date I relaeased this mod for the first time.
The mod had actually been in development for two months before it got released.
It ran with a different system back then, and it did not work as it works now.
so after a year of development I have gone far, as a developer of myself(Coding, I cannot say I made the Custom models included, they were made by the Coh modding community. And some UI stuff)
on one year this mod went from VCoH without buildings but still units produceable
to a mod with a lot of infantry and vehicles and including 2 brand new winconditions.

this update is NOT big but got some nice stuff included for the americans, and for the germans(Wehrmahct).
Version 1.0.7 is also the version I had the most trouble finding out what to do. I did not know what to implement, should I implement that or not? it was hard, and I felt I could not just make an update with only bug fixes. Therefore I decided to add some Shermans for the Americans, a pak gun for the Germans(Wehrmacht) and a Jagdtiger replacing the duplicated King Tiger. and I even found a Custom model for a British AT tank gun. These models were made by the CoH Modding Community plus all the other Custom Models in the mod, they were all made by the community.

Q: So will there be any more updates after 1.0.7?
A: Yes! this mod is not finished, I even got ideas for two new WinConditions already.
Q: Can we get the Changelog for 1.0.7?
A: it is right here:
- improved Weather/Day/Night system
- Tank may be abandoned half a minute after a critical have been applied
- lowered cost on the sturmtigers Rocket shot ability
- increased damage taken from the sturmtiger
- increased damage taken from the Ferdinand
- added wooden bunker for all factions
- added scout unit for all factions
- removed the Bofors emplacement(bofors can still be produced)
- improved AI
- added the M4A2 Sherman Tank for the Americans
- added the M4 105mm Sherman Tank for the Americans
- added pak 36 for wehrmacht
- added stug III for wehrmacht
- replaced the doctrinal M2A1 Howitzer with M7 Priest
- M2A1 Howitzer is Non-Doctrinal and buildable
- changed pioneer squad from 2 mans squad to 5 man squads
- changed engineer squad from 3 mans squad to 4 mans squads
- made all tanks(not halftracks, jeeps and motorcycles) give heavy cover
- added a SP(SinglePlayer) map (this map will be an addon for the mod)
- added an universal upgrade for commonwealth to give all units a Bren Gun
- added switch upgrade for the pak36 and the pak 38 (pak36 comes before pak38)
- added switch upgrade for the Stug III and the Stug IV (Stug II comes before Stug IV)
- some upgrades got their cost changed to a more appropriate cost)
- added combat engineers to PE(Panzer Elite)
- added JagdTiger
- made Allied medic stations heal units with medic

I hope you like the changes, do you feel something should be added?
feel free to comment/PM me with your idea.

I have also gotten some comments about some "No Range $18xxxxx"
this is because youre using a Non-English version of the game.
can I do something to fix this?
yes! PM me and I will send you the text files so you can start translate, then send them back to me and they will be ready for the next verison. Remember you will not only help yourself out but also a lot of other people.

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