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The very first monthly progress update for Cats are Liquid with a list of things that got completed.

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Monthly Progress Update – August 2015

Hi! :)

This is the very first monthly progress update for Cats are Liquid. There’s a lot of things that have been completed in just one month. Here’s a list:

  • World 1 is complete!
  • World 2 is also complete!
  • Work on World 3 has begun!
  • Magnets!
  • Lava!
  • Spawners! These things can spawn anything, anywhere!
  • The code for cutscenes and a single cutscene.
  • 6 music tracks.
  • Liquid mechanic.
  • Steam mechanic.
  • A functioning mobile version of the game.
  • A lot of playtesting.
  • Secrets ;)

Now, that’s a LOT of stuff completed in just a month! Since pretty much all of the basic mechanics for the game are complete (jumping, climbing, turning into liquid and steam), the only thing to do now is to make and design all of the levels. :)

For the most recent updates, you should follow: @lquarterstudios on Twitter. :)

That’s all for now.

Thanks for reading! :D

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