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Audio Venture is nearing the end of its' Kickstarter campaign and needs one final push to become a reality!

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Audio Venture is nearing the end of its' Kickstarter campaign and needs one more push of pledgers to succeed! As of writing, the current pledged amount is $1,289 out of $2,000. Kickstarter tends to have a lot of last day pledges so I am pretty optimistic that we will reach the goal.

I will let you in on a little secret.. upon release the game will be $10. Right now, if you pledge $10 you get 2 copies of the game. For $15, you get 3 copies, and for $25 you get a total of 4 copies and an exclusive ship for use in game; so pledge while you still can!

Here's a quick sneak peak of what's in store as far as updates to the game:

  • 2 new game modes (making 5 total modes planned), details have not been finalized but rest assured they are awesome!
  • Updated movement script - now with twists and turns. With this updated movement script I can now generate the track when you load in, instead of being procedurally created. This script may not be applied to Starpocalypse, but instead the new game modes.
  • As well as a multitude of graphical updates. If everything goes according to plan, you probably won't recognize the game (in a good way).

Here's a song that I have been given permission to use in game. The creator, Stan SB has now changed his name to Fox Stevenson. Let me just add.. this song works perfectly in-game.

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So it's just Audio Surf with obstacles and stars. If I were to buy it, I'd pay no more than $1.00 USD...

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AustinGreene Author

Wrong. This game has multiple game modes, such as shooting, matching, obstacle dodging, and quite possibly a racing mode. It also features progression, and a much harder difficulty scale. The differences are vast.

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