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Welcome! This is the 4th media release of Crypt's since we decided to revamp the mod about a year ago.

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Welcome! This is the 4th media release of Crypt's since we decided to revamp the mod about a year ago.

We are now about half way through development and hopefully will be picking up even more pace as we are getting to an exciting point I think in the story line. We have 2 Chapters fully mapped out and semi polished while the 2 remaining ones are being worked at as you read this.

But we also thought it was about time we tell you a little bit more about Crypt then the vague moddb description we have had up for a year now.

So we would like to ask all you horror mod fans (or not horror mod fans but still supporters) what you want to know about the mod!

Please ask us anything about the mod and we will try and answer as best as we can with a video that will be coming up in the next week or so. So post your comments and lets get going on it!

Thanks for your patience with the development, but I can assure you it will be worth the wait.
In the mean time check out the new images we have up. :)


What I'm interested is if you guys gave any thought about originality?
More specifically, what's the one thing (maybe more?) that separates your mod from others?

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Does this mod take place in antarctica?
If so, what's your inspiration for the enviroments?

Because from what i see in the pictures, i don't get any arctic vibes.
It's more like an abadoned urban enviroment.
Some of the building technics and materials simply wouldn't work when used in extreme cold climate.

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Dredile Author

We have answers for both of those so your questions will be included in the video WNxKraid and Zay333. :)

Keep the questions coming though!

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When's the soundtrack going to be done?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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What kind of mood you guys going for, will it be action based or a more story based experience? Any books, movies, games, etc.. you take inspiration from making this mod?

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