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Yes that's right, after a short fall on the way to glory, we've started up progress again, but with some major changes.

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If you've read the summary then you'll know that I said that there's been some changes. I'm not gonna lie, they're pretty major changes.

Starting with the loss of 4 members. BeachParty Wizard, Halo3n00b, Gamma927 and Delta. These were the team's main asset creators. Which means that those of us that are left will have to pick up what they did, and finish it.

Secondly we wont be working as fast as we hope to, due to school and such. I made a promise at the beginning of this, that I'd continue working even if I was the last person on-board, even though I thought this would never happen, it has become a frightning reality as of late.

Finally, we can't leave you without any info in a News update, so I've organised a small Public Alpha build of one of the campaign levels.

However, before there is a few things:

1) We know about the lack of music, I removed the looping music due to a problem where the music continuously loops then exceptions the game.

2) Lack of content. After everyone left, I've been kinda picking up the pieces per se, but still wish to show something to denote that progress is still being made. No objectives or nav points.

3) Don't expect it to be perfect, this is used for Public feedback, it is not in it's completed format.

4) FP arms, yes they're MC's, placeholders.

5) The HUD is also MC's the flood elite HUD is not finished.

6) As I said they're are quite a few placeholders, and is the same for every Alpha build, this may not be final and may be changed depending on feedback.

7) Level runs for only 60%. Screen fades out and level ends.

Credits in readme.


Please report all feedback to comments section.

Will be uploading file to Moddb soon.

Start level with console and type "map_name stkft" without inverted comma's.


i can't find it on file front.

Anyway the mod sounds epic, how many people are still in the team then?
Hope you can complete it

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