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Models, members, names oh my!!! I've finally posted the Dom. We have somebody here to help us. We are still considering a name change, and still looking for help.

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Well this will be short but sweet

For about 3 months I've had the Dom just sitting here on my computer not shown to anybody. A month ago I redid its legs (lower detail but lower polycount as well). So I guess it is time to show this old thing.


Ok now for the second part of this news. Venom has recently told me that a member from Dawn of War: Gundam wants to help us out a bit. This member is known as Gundammaniac and we are excited to have one more person help out with the mod.

Now we are still decideing on a new name, if we change the name at all. So if you think of something PM Venomgundam, or me

Finally, We are still looking for help so if you can
- Modeller
- Skin
- Animate
- XML and/or Lua Code
- Concept artists
- Anything Graphics related

If you can do any of those, you can PM us or Email Venom.
you can email Venom at

Don't be shy apply

Future Updates Coming Soon


"Jet Stream Attack!"
-Three Doms line up with their chosen weapon and aim for the Gundam-
"Did he just use me as a stepping stone?!"

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