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Over the next little while, I will be mainly focusing on the Hutts!

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So, I'm going to be focusing the majority of my time on this mod, on creating the Hutt AI and the Hutt Empire. There Heroes will be universally known Boba Fett, IG-88C, as well as Jabba & Ziro The Hutt. They will have Skiffs, Pod Walkers, Swamp Speeders, Plex Mercenaries, Blaster Mercenaries, Generic Bounty Hunter Squads, Twilek Commandos, Stolen SPMAT's and stolen T4B Tanks. They will be able to recruit smugglers whenever/wherever they want (on their own planets), they will unfortunately, have no capital ship as of this moment. They will have three/four different tiers of fighters, access to two different bombers, several corvettes, three different tiers of the pirate frigate, as well as another frigate, and possibly more units. They won't be the strongest empire to say the least. They also probably won't be playable, as I plan to give them an overpowered mechanic in the game. The Pirates will also be getting a hero too, probably some basic AI that allows them to move their units, with the exception of The Judgement, and a Hero.

What do you all (6 of you) think?


Sounds great, Tecness2!

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