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ATOMINE: A new twin stick procedural shooter rogue-like set in a virtual world is now on GreenLight.

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Big news today.
ATOMINE is now live on Greenlight ^^

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Here you can see the trailer ^^

What is ATOMINE?

ATOMINE is a twin stick procedural shooter rogue-like set in a virtual world with minimalist design, where the player recounts on the screen the real events of STUXNET, the first weapon ever created in the form of computer virus.

In every run the player has to clear the level area from all the enemies in order to unlock the portal to the next level. During the run every killed enemy will leave on the ground XPs, energy and/or weapon modules.


Fast and Fun

ATOMINE is fast. There are a lot of enemy and you have to kill all of them to complete the levels. But don't worry, you have infinite ammo and a (great) modular weapon system.

Weapon System

In ATOMINE the player can modify his weapon using special modules that can be find in the game. The modules have effect to specific parts of the weapons: type of bullet, number of bullets, rate of fire and other mutators.

Procedural Generated / Roguelike

The world of ATOMINE is composed by levels procedurally-generated. Every level has different type of enemy and environment.

The player has to complete all levels with only one life. If ATOMINE is destroyed, the game is over.

Counter Hacking

During a run, the system can detect the intrusion and modify the game, so player must act quickly.

If the player fails to hijack the counter hacking maneuver, the challenge will become really tough.

Boss Battle

There are not only "small" enemies. ATOMINE must also defeat big and powerful bosses.

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