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We added submachine guns and we want to know your opinion about them while we work on the next big update.

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Hello, friends!
Another day, another patch :) And now for the patch changes:


  • New skill: "Automatic firearms" for assault rifles and machine gun;
  • Added a separate slot for gas masks in your inventory. Now you can combine them with helmets;
  • Better visuals for books and notes;
  • New additions to the Factory quest line (now you can finish it);
  • Better pathfinding for companions (for example, they don't block you in doorways);
  • AI now can use legs to strike during battle;
  • Better visuals for options menu and dialogues;
  • New weapons and items;
  • Human characters now can open doors;
  • New battle mechanics: kick weapon from hands, blind...
  • New animations;
  • Fixed the distances on which you can start the conversation;
  • Now there are changes in Otradnoye after the elections (after some time);
  • Better quality for the cinematic "Trip to Otradnoye" (60 fps);
  • Added the ability to scroll the journal;
  • Added the ability to switch between Global map and Local map;
  • Fixed the bug when hero could walk even while being over encumbered;
  • Fixed the bug where the game could have freeze during the dialogue with Dan;
  • Fixed the auto picking of resources during crafting;
  • Fixed the "laging" of companions during battles;
  • Fixed the spawn of enemies in random encounters;
  • The random caravans now have 33% more goods for sale;
  • The characters with higher Endurance and level now have higher health;
  • Many-many minor bugs are fixed!

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Best wishes,


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thanks for keeping us updated!

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