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Trench War has released a new Rebels map, Atollon: Chopper Base.

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As the Rebel Alliance prepares to launch its long-planned invasion of Lothal, the Empire, having learned of its plans, initiates a brutal assault on the Rebel Base on Atollon. In this mysterious, prestine world, the Alliance must fight merely to survive.

I think this one turned out quite nicely. It depicts the battle that occurred during the season finale of Season 3 of Star Wars Rebels, and for once is fairly canon, with a few small deviations, like a land connection directly to the base, for example. I feel it offers a good balance for intense vehicle combat with sufficient cover for infantry play, while also giving more bf2 representation to everyone's favorite GCW animated series.

Feel free to download here: Atollon: Chopper Base

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Custom units include Hera (chopper, after whom the base was named, is a deployable for Hera), Zeb, Kanan (season 3), Sabine (with the darksaber, or at least the best one I could manage), Ezra (unfortunately season 1, as I couldn't find a season 3 model), Rex, and Thrawn. Kallus was not canonically involved and was not included here.

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Also included are several custom vehicles, including the TX-225 from Rogue One and Rebels (pictured below), the t1b and t4b rebel tanks, and the tie defender

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A CW era is also functional, with a number of limitations including sound and balancing. More info about that is in the description at the main map download link at the top.

I also released all custom assets for the map for modder use, including all tree-like/leaf structures, and several modified consoles I used in the base: Atollon objects


Teancum: DL-18 conversion, t1-b conversion, t2-b conversion, Kanan conversion, Sullust conversion from which got the bulk of the boxes and cargo and stuff
Squeddies: Bunker assets, misc.
Caleb1117, Iryni Forge: lockers, misc. assets
Giftheck, Pandemic, LucasArts, Free Radical - Rogue One weapons pack
WhiskeyTangoFoxX, Pandemic: Imperial Officer model and skins
Teancum, Fox, LucasArts/LucasFilm/Disney, Netmarble Games: Grand Admiral Thrawn Conversion
Giftheck, Pandemic, LucasArts, Free Radical: A280CFE, DLT-19D, Various Weapon sounds
NoctisSpector, Gistech: e22 rifle
NoctisSpector, Ashura, S1thK3nny: DC17S Pistol
Gogie: Garazeb Model, deathtrooper assets
Giftheck, Pandemic: RK-3 Pistol
Giftheck, Sereja, LucasArts:ee-4 rifle
Giftheck, Pandemic: RK-3 Pistol
Giftheck, Free Radical, LucasArts, Sony Online Entertainment: RG4D pistol
Bandu, Conversion Pack Team: Tie Defender
Wideboy: box, bunker assets
NoctisSpector, ggctuk & Free Radical, LucasArts/Pandemic, Battlefront Fandom: CJBO Rifle
Psych0fred – various imperial assets, Rebel combatspeeder proto
Jendo7, ARC_Commander, archer01, monsoontide, Saitek009, ]V[, AQT, Pinguin/Aman, Maveritchell, and Rends: Tatooine Outpost assets (boxes, misc.)
Pandemic – original models/textures
S1thK3nny: Kanan and ezra's saber hilts, darksaber hilt
Jendo7, ARC_Commander, archer01, monsoontide, Saitek009, ]V[, AQT, Pinguin/Aman, Maveritchell, and Rends: Tatooine Outpost assets (boxes, bunker, misc.)
[GT]-Gogie, KeivanMereel, Harrisonfog, Eric Matyas, Triforce919, Mikethebeast, BattlefrontJDGamer, The photographers at,
Jared @, Youtube, Gametoast community – scarif starter kit assets (boxes, floor tiles, misc.). Link to scarif starterkit:

If I missed anyone, pls lmk so I can fix it

Happy modding!

JP193 - - 81 comments

I really respect all the custom assets and ports, and allowing them as modder resources is a cool move on top.

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kiprobin Author
kiprobin - - 287 comments

Thanks! Keep in mind the only assets I made from scratch are the leaf structures and some rocks. I did port a few of the characters and edit other objects and skins, some significantly, but most of the work for those assets was done by their original creators

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