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lorul1's Assault on Theed remake mod has been updated to v0.7 !

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Hey, its lorul1 and im proud to announce that Assault on Theed is now public v.0.7 and closer to EA's Assault on Theed than ever ! and its a part of my "Battlefront 2 Conversion Project".


The goal of this project is use assets made FROM THE GROUND UP (and from Pandemics) to recreate Star Wars Battlefront 2 2005 in Battlefront 2 2017 !!

Join the discord server 1 OoXboCzk0gYvTNwNnV4S9A2x

Click here to join !!

In order to get things looking like the first picture above, i needed to basically restart my work and delete all the props from version 0.5 - which took a while !

The biggest change from version 0.5 and 0.7 is the visuals now with Serejas assets the mod is 101% better looking than it used to be ! the AI and paths still need some work as well as programing the ion disruptors - BUT i am releasing this to give you guys a taste of how far I've come.

another big thing this version introduces is the palace interior ! BUT THE INTERIOR IS IN ALPHA and nowhere NEAR finished !!!!

STAGE 2 is skipped and i know this - it is also impossible to win as the CIS - which I'm also aware of AND the units do indeed clip through the palace ! i know this as well !!!

Phase 2 and finishing the palace interior is on the list of things to do but because I want to let you guys get a little taste of whats to come.

Conquest, Hero Assault and more fun things to come ! give the mod a try !

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It crashes every time I move in the map .

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lorul1 Author
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This was fixed in a new update. Future updates for theed will be hosted on my other page here :

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Hello. I am writing to thank you very much for your work in fashion at Star wars battlefront II " Assault on theed ". It is not ready yet and there are a lot of flaws in it, but it cannot but amaze with its design and details. And I would like to ask you if you can tell which of the files in your fashion is responsible for such a close to the model camera and whether there is such a file at all or I will have to perform some actions in the game itself? Thank you in advance. (hello from Russia)

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