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Welcome to today's news update for the Assassination Mod. The team is constantly working on all aspects of the modification, and now we have part 2 & 3 of our gigantic March update for you, including updates on the level design and more. Please note that everything shown is WIP, and subject to change.

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Welcome to today's news update for the Assassination Mod. The team is constantly working on all aspects of the modification, and now we have part 2 & 3 of our gigantic March update for you, including updates on the level design and more. Please note that everything shown is WIP, and subject to change.

WIP Levels
And now we have the latest level updates for you, which includes updates for the Mountain level, the Tropic level, the Desert level and the Chernobyl/Pripyat level.

Mountain Level
The mountain level, which is being designed by Wedgetail, recently started development and we are proud to present the first screenshots of the level.

Tropic Level
The next level we have to show you is the tropic level, which is being designed by Randoman34. The below screenshots show off various areas (Specifically the beach, a hill and the jungle) on the multiple islands that make up the level.

Desert Level
The Desert level, being developed by squeak_38, has been making some good progress. The below screenshots show off a new area that is being developed, the airfield.

Chernobyl/Pripyat Level
The Chernobyl/Pripyat level, which is being created by TerrorBlast, has made great progress. The below screenshots show off many of the buildings that have been re-done, along with the new TOD.

WIP 'Other'
The following work in progress content, which is the last content for today's update, includes some new HUDs, and information (Along with three screenshots) about a new gameplay system to stop the gameplay from becoming 'stale'.

Alertness System
At a glance, it may appear that the team has been putting all their effort into the visual aspects of the mod (Mainly, models). But just as much thought has been put into the gameplay side of things, and today we have the latest system to present for the update, which was thought up of by Wedgetail, and is also being developed by him. Below is the original proposal, along with three screenshots demonstrating the alertness levels.

The idea of an alertness level system for the Assassination Mod, is that with the rate of objectives completed, the rate of opposition will increase as well. For example, if the player were to destroy a fuel depot, then realistically, the opposing force will increase their efforts to find and kill the player.
In essence, this is to keep the gameplay from going stale, ensuring that the player will always be up against a force that adapts accordingly to the game and produces a respectable challenge. The player will also be able to let the alertness level drop by itself, by performing more subtle objectives, such as stealing documents or small amounts of money.

The alertness levels will go from 0-20. Each level will cause the opposition to specialize their tactics. For example, when the player reaches an alertness level of 10, the enemy will begin to use helicopters (during the day) and at 15, will begin to use helicopters with spotlights at night. And to extremes, at level 19 the enemy uses VTOL’s, and 20 they begin to call airstrikes on the player.

When the player starts, all patrols are split in to troops with pistols and troops with SMGs. Patrols are 5 in number, 3 pistols, 2 SMGs. Special Ops troops are all equipped with SMGs, and will perform patrols at random times throughout the day and night. Also have more health and do more damage.

Level 0 – No current alertness, base attacked every 7 (in game) days.
Level 1 – Base will be attacked once every 5 (in game) days
Level 2 – Rifle flashlights are equipped to night patrols
Level 3 – All troops are equipped with SMGs
Level 4 – Patrols are equipped with grenades
Level 5 – Special Ops patrols begin
Level 6 – Enemy Outposts will have revolving spotlights at night
Level 7 – Normal patrols are equipped with assault rifles
Level 8 – Enemy get’s upgraded boats, with machine guns
Level 9 – Normal patrols are escorted by Humvee’s
Level 10 – Enemy will begin to use helicopter patrols in the day
Level 11 – Special Ops patrols are escorted by 2 snipers
Level 12 – Normal patrols are equipped with both assault rifles and shotguns
Level 13 – Base will be attacked every 3 (in game) days
Level 14 – Enemy outposts will upgrade with radar jammers
Level 15 – Helicopters will patrol night and day, with spotlights at night (randomly)
Level 16 – Enemy boats upgraded to heavy ships
Level 17 – Patrols escorted by 2 Humvee’s
Level 18 – Enemy boats upgraded to hovercraft
Level 19 – VTOL patrols will commence (as well as helicopter patrols, but separate times)
Level 20 – All enemy forces will have the ability to call in an air strike on the player

The reason for this system proposal, is to keep the gameplay evolving with the player, to produce new challenges to overcome in an open game world. Games such as Assassins Creed would have done well with this system, but because the developers left the gameplay the same throughout the hole thing, it became stale and repetitive.
This system will keep the enemy adapting and evolving as the player earns more money and buys more equipment.

The later levels may seem rather unfair to the player, but you have to remember by this time they have earned allot of weaponry, and to even reach those levels is difficult. The player is able to let the alertness level go down, by doing more subtle missions such as heists, which will not aggravate the enemy as much as if the player blew up an entire compound.

The team also decided that the mod wouldn't feel complete without a custom HUD, although it was later decided that there would be two custom HUDs, from which the player can take their pick. Shown below are two screenshots showing each HUD, the first one with a more simplistic design for ease of use, which was created by Randoman34, and one with a more complex and high-tech design, which was created by AngelorD. A WIP set of animations for the second HUD can be found here as a SWF file.

Anarchy Productions is currently looking for talented new recruits. If you can fill in one of the following positions, don't hesitate to contact callofduty511 via PM with your application, or apply via the Crymod ModDB. Please include your username with your application (If applying via ModDB), and examples of previous work.

  • Character Modeler/Texturer - The team is currently in need of a character modeler/texturer who can model, UVW unwrap, and texture new characters for use in the Assassination Mod. It is not necessary to know how to rig them, but it would be a plus.

  • Flash Actionscripter - An experienced flash actionscripter is needed to code in a new HUD and main menu.
  • Particle Creator - Someone who is capable of creating dozens of new particle effects, ranging from explosions to bullet impacts, is needed.
  • Vehicle Modeller/Texturer - We're currently in need of another vehicle modeller/texturer, one who preferably specializes in ground vehicles (Such as Jeeps, APCs and Tanks). It is not necessary to know how to rig them, but it would be a plus.
  • UVW Unwrapper - The team is currently in need of more UVW unwrappers to get the Assassination Mod armoury completed faster.
  • Prop Modeller - The team is currently in need of another prop modeller, who can also create detailed models of buildings. It would be preferable if you could UVW unwrap and texture the models you create, although not absolutely necessary.
  • Weapon Texture Artist - Another talented weapon texture artist is needed, who can create detailed textures for the weapons in the Assassination Mod's armoury.

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- Anarchy Productions


Awesome environment pics.

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Nice Pripyat, Did you use S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or Call of Duty 4 as reference? Or did you just use Google satellite and pictures?

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probably ripped the level model of pripyat straight from stalker's levels and retextured them :P
(The levels in stalker are made in a 3d modelling program, so ripping a level straight from stalker is very possible)

JK, they look VERY nice, well done guys.

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callofduty511 Author

We used all of them as reference, I believe. And no, those models aren't ripped, they were all made using the 'solids' function of Sandbox2 :)

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Hum, you guys seem to have pulled off the layout of Chernobyl very very well. Everything shown here looks solid. Tracking!

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callofduty511 Author

Thanks for your comments everyone!

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Looking good! I like the simple HUD better than the complex version. A HUD shouldn't be a distraction or a hindrance to the player. It should give them the information they need when they need it but otherwise be in the background. The simple HUD does this nicely, but the complex HUD takes up far too much room. I'd suggest toning it down a bit. Make the "bars" smaller so that they don't dominate the view quite so much. I'm mostly referring to the heath and energy portions. To my eye they look like they should be about half that size. I do like the upper left quarter though. Maybe a little less angle to them and they'd be fine.

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