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We are running our first public test! Come join us for a few rounds!

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Hi guys!

It's pretty exciting time for us. After quite some time of development, we are ready to share with you guys the latest multiplayer stable build for Ascend, and we would like you guys to try it out, as we really would love to get feedback from you.


Here's some images for the map you guys will be fighting in. It started out as green garden park on top of rooftops but has since gone through multiple iteration and is now more of a warehouse space. The middle path will be a market area, with tight office spaces at the side for flanking. By no means complete yet as I am sure we will iterate it a few more times and there's bound to be big sweeping changes.


Feel free to give it a test run and as always, we welcome your feedback, comments, critiques and suggestions as we need those to improve the game! We have provided an .exe for Windows, and a webplayer version.


  • WASD - Movement
  • Space - Jump
  • Left Shift - Run/Dash
  • C - Crouch
  • V - Toggle Third Person View (Experimental)
  • Number keys 1-9 - Selects Weapons and Neural Kinetics
  • Left Mouse - Fire Weapon
  • Right Mouse - Zoom
  • R - Reload Weapon
  • Mouse Scroll - Select Next/Previous Weapon


  1. Download and extract both the AscendMPTest Data folder, andAscendParkourTest.exe.
  2. Double click AscendMPTest.exe to run the game.

Known Issues

  • The neural kinetic powers are broken/ has 100 ammo. It was done as a proof of concept and we left it in for you guys to test out. It's by no way complete, but we had fun blinking around!
  • Weird / missing animation especially for firstperson. Will be tackling this issue in the future.
  • No melee - planned for future
  • Currently no way to change the keybinding.
  • Particles and effects can get heavy, might cause crashes on rare occassion.
Ascend Public Test
  • Alternatively, you can play straight om your browser with the link below

(requires Unity Webplayer)

Thanks for checking us out!

jamman88 - - 226 comments

Awesome downloading now, hopefully I can test it out soon.

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jamman88 - - 226 comments

Me and a friend played for a while, here are some of the larger issues we found.
1)Unlimited jumping with shields,
2)shields break your fall,
3)zooming in whilst in 3rd person gives your character parkinson's,
So far it's a super fun game, if you add Lan in it will certainly become a regular at lans we host.

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velsthinez Author
velsthinez - - 145 comments

Hey jamman88, thanks for the feedback, glad that you find the game fun. I'll link into the shield/ unlimited jump issue. That is the first it happened!

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Ericthemookslayer - - 205 comments

Its good love it. The parkour is fun, the weapons are good, but the third person camera sucks and the areas are either too bright or too dark. For early development, 4 outta 5.

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velsthinez Author
velsthinez - - 145 comments

Thanks for trying it out! Glad you like the parkour! I will look into the third person view,it will most likely be removed and focus on the first person experience.

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Guest - - 694,867 comments

i just want to cry :p the game compared to mine , lol its awesome

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velsthinez Author
velsthinez - - 145 comments

Thanks mate, no worries, keep working on yours as well! As the korean says, fighting!

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MagastemBR - - 1 comments

Please... Replace those sound effects or get them out of the game, it is really annoying, the animations are bugged and bad but this is only a demo so i'll pass, it is not responsive, third person camera isn't good and it's bugged but it is experimental so i'll pass, the parkour from the other demo was better, responsive and fun(I played that other demo a lot), this map should be more parkour-friendly of this demo because there is only some places that you can parkour, the weapons are great but it's missing a 'Reload' animation. As overall the first demo is better than this one.

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velsthinez Author
velsthinez - - 145 comments

Thanks for the critique! I will definitely look into upgrading the sound effects and fix the animation.

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Arkayus_Mako - - 2 comments

When will the next public test be out?

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