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State of the development and the release of Ascend Alpha

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Hi guys,

Apologies for the lack of update in the past few months. Here's a short update on the status of Ascend. First the good news!

Playfab for User Account Managment

We had a lot of weird bugs and issues with our user account system in the previous version, where's there's random disappearing loadout and mismatched loadouts. To solve this, we have switched over from a self hosted server to Playfab, a cloud based backend service, which should help with logging in issues as well keeping downtime to a minimal.

Exosuit and Neural Kinetic

In the previous version, both the exosuit and neural kinetic was working but there's a lot of issues with syncing through the network. They're temporarily removed from the current build while I am working on them.

Team Disband

Now on the bad news. The past few months have been a really tough time, as the team has been disbanded and funding has run out. It all comes to two choices, and after much consideration, I decide to wrap this up and at least put Ascend out there.

There's a lot of bugs but I hope you guys enjoy it. Over the four years, there were tough time but I really enjoyed making Ascend and I learned a lot.

Feel free to download Ascend from the link below or from file here in indieDB. If you guys like to see Ascend being further developed, I would appreciate any donation so I could continue working on it.

Thanks for the support guys!



Ascend Alpha


awww, well atleast you put your work out there, but like if you ever decide to pick it up again, i'd be happy to suport a patreon.

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velsthinez Author

Thanks jamman88! I probably need a break from this project. Definitely coming back to this project one day. Patreon definitely sounds like something I can explore.

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